A Robust and versatile solution for slope stabilization and coastal protection with Rbk Builds Gaviones. Designed to resist the natural forces of water and soil, they offer a durable and reliable solution for a wide variety of civil and environmental engineering projects. Trust our experience and quality for effective protection and visually attractive aesthetics in your projects.

Stability and Protection with Gaviones

Galvanized wire mesh structures that are filled with stones or similar materials. These structures provide an effective solution for slope stabilization and coastal protection, as they distribute hydraulic and soil forces evenly, reducing erosion and landslides. Gabions are able to resist the forces of water, allowing controlled flow and preventing wear and tear of the surrounding soil. Additionally, its permeable design promotes proper drainage, preventing pressure buildup behind the structure.

Among the advantages of using the gabion we find:

  1. Iron or stainless steel structure with mostly stones, it stands out for its long useful life and durability. In addition, they are ecological and sustainable.
  2. The resistance of the materials significantly reduces maintenance costs.
  3. Permeable structures that allow water to pass through, suitable for river channels and relieve hydrostatic tensions.
  4. Without the need for a foundation, they are placed directly on the ground.
  5. Easy design and placement, without requiring specialized equipment.
  6. Flexible and draining.
  7. Its integration into the environment, even among the vegetation, is excellent.


Gabions Dominican Republic


Versatility and Adaptability

They offer versatility and adaptability in a wide range of applications. They can be used for the construction of retaining walls, channel linings, coastal and riverbank protection, slope stabilization and erosion control. Gabions easily adapt to different ground conditions and can be customized in dimensions and shapes according to project requirements. Whether in urban or rural environments, our gabions provide a flexible and reliable solution.

Special galvanized electro-welded mesh containers: resistant, flexible, efficient drainage, maintenance-free, easy assembly, aesthetic and insulating


Dominican Gabion


Durability and Resistance

Manufactured with high quality galvanized wire mesh, which gives them exceptional resistance to corrosion and adverse environmental conditions. Its robust and resistant design guarantees long life and lasting protection. In addition, the appropriate choice of stones or filling materials provides greater impact resistance and ensures the stability of the structure. Trust the durability and strength of our gabions to protect and stabilize your projects for the long term.

We have curb gabions, cube, façade, vibrated wall, gabions and fence gabions.


Aesthetics and Visual Integration

Our Gabions not only offer effective technical solutions, but also provide an aesthetic and visually pleasing appearance. Carefully selected filler stones create a natural, harmonious appearance that blends into the surroundings. They can also be used as decorative elements in landscape design projects, adding a distinctive and attractive look. Enjoy effective protection and pleasant aesthetics in your projects with our gabions.


Santo Domingo gabions


Support and Advice

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch technical support. Our team of experts is available to advise you on choosing the most suitable gabions for your needs, as well as to provide you with the necessary support in their correct installation and use. Your satisfaction and the success of your stabilization and protection projects are our priority.


The robust and versatile solution for slope stabilization and coastal protection. Contact us today and find out how our gabions can improve the stability and aesthetics of your projects, providing long-lasting, reliable protection.

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