Rbk Builds offers versatile Geomallas, ideal for effective soil reinforcement and stabilization. Our Geomallas are designed to withstand intense geotechnical loading, providing high-strength reinforcement solutions for a wide variety of projects.

Rely on decades of experience in Rbkbuilds geogrid solutions to improve the stability of slopes, excavations, roads and more. Maximize performance with our premium geogrids.

Resistance and Durability Geomallas

Made with high quality materials and advanced structural design, making it a strong and durable solution. Its interlocking structure provides superior tensile and deformation resistance, distributing loads evenly in the underlying soil. You can rely on the strength and durability of our Geogrid to provide an effective long-term reinforcement solution.


dominican republic geogrid


Soil Stabilization and Reinforcement

Rbkbuilds versatile geogrids reinforce and stabilize a wide variety of soils in geotechnical engineering projects. Our high-strength geogrids are designed to improve the bearing capacity of the soil, while preventing settlement, erosion and landslides.

  • Reinforcement of embankments on roads and railways
  • Stabilization of foundations in embankments on soft soils
  • Construction of embankments on piles
  • Reinforcement of fills in industrial areas and shopping centers
  • Erosion control and slope stabilization
  • Stabilization and reinforcement of retaining walls and green walls
  • Protection of banks, coastal areas and channels

The open mesh design of our geogrids allows optimal interaction with the soil, thus improving its overall load-bearing capacity. With decades of experience in geotechnical solutions, Rbkbuilds can help you select the ideal geogrids for your project.




Versatility and Ease of Installation

Easily adapts to different terrain conditions and design requirements. With a flexible and lightweight design, it can be installed efficiently and quickly in different types of soils and geometries. Additionally, its open mesh design makes it easy to place aggregates and fills, further improving soil stability. Whether you need to reinforce a loading platform, stabilize a slope, or control erosion in a landscaping project, our Geogrids provide a versatile and easy-to-use solution.

Geogrids offer various advantages to constructions, among which the following stand out:

  1. Easy installation, even in unfavorable weather conditions.
  2. Increased safety and stability on slopes.
  3. Reduction in the volume of earthworks necessary.
  4. Conservation of the natural appearance of slopes and land.
  5. Remarkable extension of the useful life of roads, railways and reinforced roads.
  6. Significant reduction in the appearance of cracks on the surface of reinforced floors.
  7. High resistance of the material, protecting it from damage during installation.

Sustainability and Environment

Sustainable and environmentally friendly option. By providing greater strength and stability to existing soils, it reduces the need for additional excavation and earthworks, helping to preserve natural resources and minimize environmental impact. In addition, its lightweight and compact design contributes to efficient transportation and waste reduction. With our Geogrids, you can achieve superior geotechnical results while promoting responsible environmental practices.


Santo Domingo geogrids


Support and Advice

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch technical support. Our team of experts is available to advise you on choosing the most appropriate Geogrid for your needs, as well as to provide you with the necessary support in its correct installation and use. Your satisfaction and the success of your geotechnical projects are our priority.


The effective solution for soil stabilization and reinforcement. Contact us today and discover how our Geogrids can improve the stability and performance of your geotechnical projects, providing a durable and reliable reinforcement solution.

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